Property Claims

Our Claims adjusters have the knowledge to complete the preparation of a property damage claim, which, to an unrepresented insured, may be unfamiliar territory.

The Property Adjusters for John DuMerer & Associates LLC stand ready to ascertain:

•The cause of the loss

•The extent of property damage

•Which items should be repaired, which items should be replaced, and what should be done with the damaged property

•The cost to repair or replace the property

•The amount that the insurer should pay the insured

•Assist the insured on steps to prevent further damage and minimize the loss.

We stand ready to serve you, our valued clients.

Heavy Equipment

John DuMerer & Associates LLC is a full-service independent claims adjusting company intent on providing the expertise and knowledge expected by policyholders and insurers. Our experienced and knowledgeable team of adjusters and support personnel are capable of handling a large variety of heavy equipment claims, promptly and accurately. We understand that on the work site, timeliness and accuracy is of the utmost importance and will have your claim processed in a manner in accordance with these standards.  Whether it is a simple vehicle accident, or a complex equipment catastrophe, our adjusters / appraisers respond immediately to your insurance needs.

Based in the Midwest

Chicago, IL, being the hub of transportation, John DuMerer & Associates LLC is able to provide services throughout the United States.  Our home office staff efficiently handles assignments within Illinois and surrounding states, usually within a 24 hour response time.  We have appraisers, liability adjusters, re-inspectors, and SIU personnel to respond to your immediate needs.

Liability Claims

John R. DuMerer & Associates LLC is a professional liability loss adjusting firm, dedicated to providing service to our clients throughout the United States.  John R. DuMerer & Associates LLC strives to provide you, our clients, with a professional, cost competitive service in all liability and investigative insurance matters.


Our professional staff is industry certified and qualified, ensuring thorough investigations, and accurate reporting tailored to suit the individual client needs. Our broad industry experience aims to provide assistance in general and specialist liability matters.


The role of the liability adjuster is to manage the claim adjustment process from start to finish.   John R. DuMerer and Associates LLC accepts these responsibilities; performing all front-end services while directing other service functions, such as new client set-up, daily file management maintenance and augmenting the client’s risk management program.


Our liability adjusters merge or combine our substantial resources and in-depth experience, successfully managing a broad range of claims. Whether handling basic physical damage claims or complex liability cases; our flexible people, processes and technology allow us to dedicate the appropriate team for our client’s individual program.

John R. DuMerer and Associates LLC has a proven record of accomplishment for excellent customer service, coupled with multiple years experience in handling litigated files.  Our liability adjusters produce concise, easy to read reports, outlining the incident and exposures.  We negotiate fairly, keeping our client in mind.  Our prior client management skills within the insurance industry are well known.  We are familiar with multi-state jurisdictional experience.

Our duties include:

  • Frequent telephone contacts with the commercial line policyholders, risk managers, and agents.
  • On-site inspections and analysis
  • Interfacing with law enforcement and reporting agencies
  • Totally responsible for the analysis, investigation, evaluation, negotiation and resolution of all types of claims
  • Thorough communications include telephone contacts with the involved parties, technical expertise and complex analysis.
  • Claim assignments are multi-state and involve commercial customers.

We handle small to midsized commercial fleets and understand how critical it is for your owners and drivers to stay on the road. Claims are processed quickly; we promptly investigate your claims and handle your damages to get your vehicle back on the road with as little disruption to your business.   We specialize in conducting in-depth investigations of any liability claim made against you, so you can feel confident that only the damages caused by you or your driver are paid.


"We have been in this industry since 1967. Year after year we have consistently given the same outstanding quality of service to each and every customer. Expect the same for years to come."-John DuMerer

Proud Member and Regional Vice President of I.A.D.A.

As a proud member of IADA, our auto damage appraisers are poised to respond to your immediate needs.  We have the capability of supplying High Volume Auto Appraisals in Real Time Delivery.  Our customers include major insurance companies, independent adjusting companies and fleet risk managers.

Adhering strictly to the Code of Ethics, IADA members realize they have a significant economic impact on insurance companies, self-insured companies, and consumers who ultimately bear the cost of auto body repair.  Therefore, it is essential to maintain the highest integrity and prestige for the organization.