John Borgia

John Borgia – Heavy Equipment Specialist
John has a Bachelor of Science degree from Brigham Young University and has been operating heavy equipment since he was old enough to do so. After graduation, John did a short stretch as a pro-football player. Unfortunately, John was injured, so he gave up football for his second love, heavy equipment. With John’s college background and his heavy equipment expertise, it was a natural thing for John to gravitate to the heavy equipment appraisal business. After first obtaining a job at a local auto appraisal company, where he was given an opportunity to develop his appraising skills, he moved into the heavy equipment department, where he spent seven years, before joining our company approximately 13 years ago. John has developed quite a reputation on the street as being a very astute and fair minded Heavy Equipment Adjuster. Not only is he fast, he is accurate and good. After 13 years, I can vouch for the fact that we have very few, if any, problems with John’s work. John has been approved by such companies as St. Paul Insurance Company, AIG and others. John handles Chicago, the south suburbs and Indiana. He is also well versed in off-the-road equipment. We look forward to John and his experience working with us for a very long time.